Di-RAIL Research Project


Irish Rail has a strong research collaboration track record with academic institutions, especially UCD, to tackle major industry challenges. In addition, Irish Rail have been the industry partner in several EU research projects, which include SmartRail, DestintationRail, GoSAFERail, SUP&R-ITN and SIRMA.

In this project, Irish Rail will provide real-world data from the past and on-going measurement campaigns to the project team. They will also provide technical advices around the main real-life challenges around this topic in the railway industry. This will help the project team to maximise the impact of the results.

Murphy Geospatial has a strong applied research track record in the field of geomatics and civil engineering, particularly in the field of railway engineering and surveying. They have surveyed the entire Irish Rail network and delivered the project through an innovative data portal.

In this project, they will directly collaborate with the team for developing a user-friendly software package which can be presented to the potential stakeholders and beneficiaries. They will also support and collaborate with the team to communicate the results of the project to Irish and European policy makers to contribute to the railway performance policies through our extended network.